Tattoo Removal

Has your tattoo lost its appeal?

Thanks to recent advances in laser technology, today’s lasers can:

  • Get rid of tattoos more safely and effectively 
  • Remove tattoo ink with fewer treatments
  • Treat ink colors that were once difficult to remove 

Dr. Murphy requires all patients who want a tattoo removed to have a consultation before the treatment begins.*

There’s actually a lot to consider before removing a tattoo. This includes:

  • How long you’ve had the tattoo
  • How deeply the ink penetrates your skin
  • The colors in your tattoo
  • Where the tattoo appears on your body
  • Your health
  • The medicines you take
  • If you’ve ever had a raised scar

*The consultation fee is $50. If you do decide to have a procedure done following the consultation, the $50 consultation fee will go towards your procedure.